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John Ortberg – If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat.

Follow along with our current sermon series on YouTube.

Richard Rice – When Bad Things Happen to God’s People.

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Sabbath School

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11:30am Saturday Morning.

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Available Sabbath School groups

Host: Glendon Harris

Host: Peter Charleson

Host: Craig Mattner

Host: John Pring

Host: Pr Stephen Bews

Host: Len Hennig

Sabbath School Groups coming soon

Previous Services

21st March 2020 | Steps to Christ: When I Grow Up | Pr Stephen Bews
28th March 2020 | Steps to Christ: Open Hearts | Pr Stephen Bews
4th April 2020 | The Heart of the Matter | Pr Joel Slade
11th April, 2020 | Easter Church Service | John & Barbara Pring
18th April 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: The Problem of God | Pr Stephen Bews
25th April 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: Is God to Blame? | Pr Stephen Bews
2nd May 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: Chapter 4 | Peter Charleson
9th May 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: God’s Mysterious Ways | Pr Stephen Bews
16th May 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: Some Responses to Suffering | Stephen Bews
30th May 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: Suffering & Forgiveness | Pr Stephen Bews
6th June 2020 | When Bad Things Happen to God’s People: Where’s My Miracle? | Pr Stephen Bews
13th June 2020 | Birthright for a Bowl of Beans | Pr David Butcher
20th June 2020 | Overboard: On Walking and Water | Pr Stephen Bews
27th June 2020 | Overboard: Boat Potatoes | Dr John Lewis
4th July 2020 | Overboard: Getting Wet Feet | Pr Matt Hunter
11th July 2020 | Overboard: Of Challenges and Fears | Pr Stephen Bews
18th July 2020 | Overboard: Of Caves and Forks | Pr Stephen Bews
25th July 2020 | Overboard: Waiting and Worshipping | Pr Stephen Bews

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